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Personal Note from Dr. Edwards:

In my practice i frequently treat patients who suffer from Gluten allergies. I myself have had to eliminate gluten from my diet. Because of my great love of Jamaican patty's and my refusal to give up on such a delightful treat, i set out to create a healthy, delicious, gluten free line of Jamaican style Patty's (empanadas) and biscuits. 

After 2 long years of trial and error in the kitchen, endless baking, tasting and rebaking, we are proud

to offer a wide array of 100% gluten free delights for your culinary pleasure.

Check them out below. These items are all prepared fresh and frozen. You bake and enjoy them at home.

Place your order below and you will be contacted when it is prepared and ready for pickup at 

our Greenville bakery.


Please enjoy our products and thank you for your support.

Dr. Edwards

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